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Precision Double-sided Blackout Curtains Customized Satin Curtains

Precision Double-sided Blackout Curtains Customized Satin Curtains

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Precision Double-sided Blackout Curtains? Customized Satin Curtains

Elevate the quality of your life with our curtains. Made of polyester fabric, our curtains have a luxurious texture that provides insulation, blackout, and drapability, making them suitable for various settings and styles. We have incorporated black silk to enhance their blackout performance. As a result, the back of the fabric is slightly darker. However, compared to coatings, the physical blackout performance of black silk is more environmentally friendly and healthier.

They have a blackout rate of up to 95%, ensuring uninterrupted sleep or movie nights. The subtle fashionable effect of the snow yarn texture makes them suitable for rooms with ceiling heights not exceeding 2.7 meters.

Size: Customizable with a maximum height of 2.8 meters (110.2 inches).

Colors: Cream, Pink, Blue, Gray, etc.

Material: Polyester.


  • Double-sided identical material with a silk-like texture.
  • High-precision fabric and jacquard process to enhance the quality and three-dimensional sense of the curtains.
  • Black silk incorporated into the curtains to enhance their blackout performance.
  • Suitable for spaces with a height of less than 2.7 meters. Compared to other blackout curtains, it is a cost-effective choice.
  • The floral fabric uses professional-grade reactive dyes, which are durable, fade-resistant, and a safe choice for the whole family.
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