Pricing Guideline

Pricing Guideline

About the Pricing of Custom Curtains

Basic Price

1) When you browse through our website, you can see the basic price in the collection list and below the title on the landing page of a curtain.


2) Draperyo offers various option for customization that could affect on the prices. The price add-ons will change the price according to the your options.

Total Price

3) The total price will update in real-time when you select all the option required, and it will also show on the cart page after clicking the Add to Cart button.


4) After updating the quantity of the item, you can view the total pricing when the page reloads, also the price add-ons including the basic price of the curtains.

Checkout Page

5) Kindly see the detailed calculated price on the checkout page, where the basic price & options price add-ons are listed separately. The quantity of items also affect the total value of your custom curtains order by multifing the basic prices + price add-ons. The total value of your custom curtains order is according to the quantity of items, which will be a multiplied of the basice price & price add-ons.

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