Monogram Collection - Mysterious Ancient Symbols

Monogram Collection - Mysterious Ancient Symbols

What is a monogram?💡

A monogram is often defined as a design consisting of two or more letters combined in some particular way, e.g. interlacing. Thanks to the advance in jewelry crafting techniques and technology, modern technology is developed to shape the jewelry industry and give consumers more power than ever to choose and customize gifts with a truly personal touch.✌

The story behind the monogram🔍

A monogram typically is made up of initials from a first, middle and last name to create a special and unique gift for a loved one.  A monogram can also be found on fashion items as well as accessories and various jewelry items for gifting. Monograms have historically been used as a means of identification. 

Jechic offers the option to design your own monogram jewelry pieces during the ordering process, which makes it easier than ever to get creative with a personalized monogram jewelry.

Monogram Necklace: Personal and Elegant

The style of this monogram necklace will truly create a show-stopping piece to compliment any outfit. Grab your very own classic script style monogram necklace from Jechic. In addition to special design, monogram definitely adds value to your necklace and show your charming gorgeous neck as well.


Monogram Earrings: Stylish and Playful

Earrings are one of the most stylish types of jewelry. Customized Monogram Earrings are ideal, not only because they can create a sense of personality for the wearer, but also because the special elements are able to show off your individual style.

Monogram Rings: Fashionable and Charming

It’s no surprise that rings are one of the most popular personalized forms of jewelry. Rings have special connotations: from wedding bands to friendship rings, people wear rings for sentimental reasons as well as fashionable reasons.

Adding a monogram to your ring will result in a versatile combination. There are limitless possibilities when designing your monogram. Your are provided with several font selections and you can accentuate the initials with different colors and designs.

Monogram Bracelets: Delicate and Rare

It's not common to see two persons to wear this type of bracelets, nevertheless a personalized design monogram bracelet, it's definitely unique but not normal to wear a monogram bracelet when attend important events. Besides, a good bracelet has the function of rendering the emotion of the wearer, makes the one more mysterious.

Where do you put your monogram? Jewelry is the perfect option. Monograms are more than a style piece. This type of jewelry is a form of customization, serving as a memento as well as a fashionable piece. Monogram jewelry will express your individual style while looking fashionable.

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