Layering Jewelry - There're Never Enough Pieces In Your Jewelry Box

Layering Jewelry - There're Never Enough Pieces In Your Jewelry Box

Why do we see some bloggers dressed very simply, but they seem to exude a natural and effortless sense of fashion? The mystery is that they are good at using jewelry, especially stacking, to enhance the fashion senses and attractions of the whole Look.

Especially in summer, we wear fewer clothes, the exposure of a large area of the chest looks a little too blank. The idea of stacking jewelry can well enhance the hierarchical and fashion sense. In addition, the stacking of rings and bracelets, or the stacking of necklaces, can also better decorate our neck and collarbone lines, making our wrists look slimmer.

Wearing a wide variety of bracelets together, or with watches, does have a different sense of fashion, but if it is not well matched, it will be cumbersome and rustic. Now let's take a look at the skills of folding necklaces.

The skill of stacking necklaces has become a daily necessity for fashionistas. Two points in necklace stacking: The Length and The Shapes. If you want to use stacking to bid farewell to a dull single basic style, you can start with necklaces of various standard lengths: the length of the Choker is basically 30 cm, and a 40 cm collar will fall on the collarbone, while 50 cm will fall on the sternum.

  • 1. Stacked necklaces are guaranteed to be patchy
  • 2. The color of the necklace is consistent
  • 3. Uniform material, no more than 2 types of mix and match styles
  • 4. The basic bare chain is a must-have item

    Rings are one of the most popular stacking choices of jewelry. There are some rings that are very Tiny, which can be monotonous and boring when worn individually, but they are completely different when worn together.

    • 1 / Stacking In One Line
    • 2 / The same color or the same color as the nail color
    • 3 / Add special element items
    • 4 / Different geometric shapes or combination of width and narrow

      Bracelets are also good eye-catching items. Combining bracelets and rings can also create a different atmosphere.

      • 1 / The beauty of size, width, thickness and change
      • 2 / Stack the bracelet and bracelet with the same style watch
      • 3 / Try to mix different materials
      • 4 / Reconcile tough and feminine style

        Alright, after seeing so many jewelry layering tips, I believe you are already eager to try. Now, open your jewelry box and wear your chic staffs to catch eyes!


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