Jewelry Manufacturing Process - Appreciate The Luster Of Jewelry

Jewelry Manufacturing Process - Appreciate The Luster Of Jewelry

The Jewelry Manufacturing Process includes sawing, drilling, filing, forming with pliers and hammers, soldering, finishing, stone setting, texturing, making jump rings and more.

Filigree Process and Thread Filling Process

Filigree is a fine gold process which uses metal wire to make shape by means of bending, pinching, filling, stacking and so on.

Production process: melting, pressing and drawing the bulk metal into desired-diameter wire, twisting the wire strands (rubbing the wire), flatting, bending the wire plate into various patterns (thread pinching) with tweezers according to the pattern of the drawing, folding the pinched patterns, sprinkling the welding powder over fire to get all kinds of integral patterns (black semi-finished metal), washing the black semi-finished metal with sour, sometimes enamels filling processing is required, and plating gold or plating silver after enamels filling, and some jewelry needs to embed gems.

Thread filling process is similar to the filigree process, the difference lays at the thread filling is filling the wire into a frame, the pattern is fine and elegant, like drawing a pattern on a piece of paper.

Inlaying Process and Electroforming Process

Inlaying process is a process that casting the silver or gold into partial patterns by using hammer, saw, clamp, file and other tools, filing and then welding into an integral piece.

Electroforming is a new technology for making jewelry. The principle is electroplating, the casting is a female mold in the casting solution, generating a conductive layer after surface activation treatment, gradually depositing the metal on the surface of the female mold through electrophoresis, and it can be recovered when it reaches a certain thickness. This kind of jewelry has beautiful appearance, large volume and light weight, the electroforming speed is fast and the process is easy and flexible to control.

Investment Casting Process

The general process of investment casting is: pressing the original mold into a silica gel mold, after opening the mold, injecting wax to obtain a wax mold, planting wax tree into the wax mold, and injecting high-temperature plaster into the sleeve. The plaster is vacuumed, naturally hardened, dried and cased, after the metal is cooled, the investment mold is quickly washed in cold water, the casting is taken out, soaked in acid, rinsed, and the blank is cut out for rolling, and then the mold is held, inlaid and surface treatment is performed.

The casting methods of investment casting include vacuum suction casting, centrifugal casting and vacuum centrifugal casting, etc., which are the main methods of mass production in the jewelry making industry.

 Electroplating Process

Electroplating is a widely used surface processing technology, which belongs to a chemical surface treatment technology. In the international market, the electroplating process is often used for the surface treatment of K gold jewelry below 18K.

The color of the coating is rich, there are various colors of monochrome electroplating such as black, light blue, sauce, purple, orange red, pink, golden, orange, etc., and there are multiple colors of color electroplating.

The surface shape of the coating is bright, matt (sandblasting), texture (regular and irregular) and corrosion marks, etc.Electroplating can also change the color and brightness of jewelry (the plating solution contains brightener).


 Heat Treatment of Enamels, Carve Designs And Machine Carving Process

Heat Treatment of Enamels: mixing the enamels raw material powder with water, shovel the enamels material with a small spoon and put it into the groove of the silver sample, flatten the enamels material, wipe it off, absorb the moisture with absorbent cotton and put it into an electric furnace for baking. After the melted enamels material is solidified to form a low-temperature colored glass-like attached to the jewelry. 

Carve Designs: The carve design process is a metal deformation process that uses a hammer to hit different shapes of carving knives to form uneven, deep, or light or hairy lines and patterns on the surface of the jewelry, which express different materials and textures of the jewelry.

Machine Carving Process: It is a kind of jewelry machining process that uses diamond milling cutters with different pattern blades to mill shiny streaks on the surface of the jewelry during high-speed rotation and form various patterns. This process is often used for high-hardness jewelry such as K gold.

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