Easter Special Edition - Rebirth and Hope

Easter Special Edition - Rebirth and Hope

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the Middle Ages, all Christians celebrated Easter at sunrise, because according to ancient legends, the sun jumped joyfully three times on Easter morning to glorify the resurrection of Jesus. The rays of light passing through the clouds danced like angels. 

We celebrate the festival not only to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, but to go through the process of death with Jesus and then enter the glory of the resurrection. After the long winter, spring finally arrives. People can no longer hold back their inner yearning for nature. Go outing in the countryside to feel the first spring breeze.

Since Easter has the meaning of rebirth and hope, why not pick up an Easter-related jewelry gift to your beloved ones? Here're some recommend.👇

  • Vintage Rose Cross 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
The rose entwined on the cross represents the hope of life, where we could see incomparable glory of resurrected Jesus. On this point, this necklace is suitable as a gift for a new mother who created a new life, or we could take it as a permanent memory for our beloved who has went to heaven. This necklace is made in real sterling 925 silver, and three classic colors are available: silver, rose gold and 18k gold. It's also a good choice for daily wear.
      • Beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Leafy Ring 

      In the shape of Olive branch, not only fresh life it means, the leafy ring can also transfer a wish of peace and love, to maintain the order of the inner world and nourish the Holy Land in the heart with love as well. In addition to Easter gift, the minimalist ring is good for girl's birthday or a nice layering rings list.

        • Pearl Pendant Custom Birthstone Necklace Cute Rabbit Ears Shape Pendants

        The Easter Bunny has long been a well-known and popular symbol associated with the religious holiday, this necklace cleverly combines a bright white simulated pearl with the cute rabbit ears shape, while a cubic zirconia is embed therebetween. The bunny ears are made in sterling silver, and the pearl is in a size of 8.5x8.5 mm. The whole necklace looks cute and lively, it's a nice gift for your sweet girl or young ladies who has preference for bunny.

          • Personalized Engraved Cross Cuff Bangles
          Many consider the sideways cross to be a symbol of Jesus who brought salvation to his people. Others see it as the symbol of the earth between heaven and hell, representing the struggle of humanity to live according to the word of God. The cross cuff supports custom text engraving, you could write down your motto to remind yourself every now and then.
            • Vintage Black Leather Cross Engraved Name Bracelet

            Another recommend cross piece, different from above cuff, this vintage black leather cross bracelet is a bit masculine, the braided leather stands for power and strength, while the side-ways cross reveals compassion and tolerance. This bracelet is in black and silver as a whole, and the design is simple yet impact. It's a good selection of couples accessories.

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